About Listening To Our Neighbours

Thank you for taking part in this survey about you and the priority neighbourhood you live in! The answers you share will inspire the creation of five unique community portraits by artist Dani Crosby - each image representing one of the priority neighbourhoods. Each artwork will also be accompanied by a soundscape that incorporates elements of the recorded responses - so as people view each piece they will also hear the voices of those who know these neighbourhoods best, creating a more immersive experience for all who experience the work. The artworks and accompanying soundscapes will be exhibited on-line for everyone once they are complete, and exhibited in public for all to see once we can gather together again safely. We'll keep you posted about when and where those things will happen.
This project was inspired by conversations held at the LivingRoom Community Art Studio about the Durham Region Health Neighbourhoods Report with folks living in Oshawa’s priority neighbourhoods. We agreed that the issues in the report were very real, and impacted many of us in varying ways that needed to be adressed. However, the conversations about the report also highlighted the stigma that those of us living in these neighbourhoods often experienced as a result of having our communities - and by extension ourselves - predominantly referred to in negative or problem centred ways. It was then that we decided to create an arts project that would explore, document and honour aspects of our lived experience that rarely receive attention. In a world that sometimes makes us feel like we're a problem - it's sometimes important to remind ourselves and others that what we really are is a resource.
About this process: This is an audio survey, so before you begin please check to make sure that the microphone on your phone or computer is enabled. If you would prefer to complete a written version, answers can be typed instead. Written responses may be recorded by volunteers to be used in the soundtrack to the artworks. Identifying information will not be included in the project, however your voice and the stories you share may be recognised by friends or loved ones. By participating in this survey, you are providing consent to use the information you share as well as elements of your audio responses in the final art project. If you have any questions about the project, please email us at info@livingroomcommunityartstudio.org. All answers are greatly appreciated. We look forward to hearing your stories!
Not sure if you live in a priority neighbourhood? Click on any of these links for a detailed map of each neighbourhood. Lakeview, Gibb West, Downtown Oshawa, Central Park, and Beatrice North.
Curious about what the process can look like? Click here for an example of a survey being completed, and click here for a second example.

Please take your time with each question, and know that there are no wrong answers.

When ready to share your response, simply click the record button and speak from the heart.

Share as much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing.

When you are done speaking, press the button again to stop recording and move on to the next question.

The Listening To Our Neighbours Team

The LivingRoom Community Art Studio

Mary Krohnert is an actor, writer, art therapist and social practice artist. In 2013 she founded the LivingRoom Community Art Studio, an Art Hive and registered charity that provides opportunities for people from all walks of life to connect with one another and express themselves for free in service of community development and individual well-being.

The LivingRoom Community Art Studio
Mary Krohnert

Stranger Listening

Dani Crosby is an artist, commercial illustrator, arts educator and community collaborator. Art has become many things for Dani - a service they offer, an experience to share in academic settings. But before any of these things it serves as a place to put the parts of themselves that have nowhere else to go. Dani recognizes how lucky they are to have this outlet. That is why many of Dani's favourite projects involve working collaboratively with the public to help individuals find a place to put their stories, express their identity, see themselves represented and share their experiences.

Stranger Listening
Dani Crosby

Reciprocity Media Collective

Founded in 2017 by Anthony Grani and Ann Tipper, RMC works with other non-profits to help them create professional quality media to expand their reach and messaging. Long time collaborators with The LivingRoom Comunity Art Studio, RMC has also worked with the Durham Rape Crisis Centre, Alzhemier Society of Canada, Partnerships in Dementiacare Alliance, University Health Network, Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy, Waterloo and York Universities, and is currently working with Curve Lake First Nation on a project to record elder stories told in their language.

Reciprocity Media Collective
Anthony Grani

Project Support

  • This project is made possible through the generous support of The City of Oshawa and The Durham Community Foundation.


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